Supplying Artwork

Artwork supplied in a Pdf format is preferred, however, we are happy to accept the following formats: Illustrator: eps, ai. Photoshop: jpeg, tiff and psd (1200 dpi BITMAP). 

When supplying files please ensure all fonts are turned to outlines (illustrator) or curves(corel draw).

Tints and Shadows do not reproduce successfully so please ensure artwork is 100% black and white fill. Care should be taken when selecting line widths, "hair lines" do not reproduce well and tend to break in the foiling process, we recommend a minimum of two points line width.

When creating documents in Illustrator please ensure the document colour mode is set to CMYK.

Paper copy must be printed out on a laser printer, copy from inkjet printers is not suitable, we also request it is black and white and suggest it is as crisp as possible.  All artwork will be reproduced at the size supplied, unless stated otherwise. We can reduce or enlarge artwork free of charge. 

A special note about MSWord - MSWord does not embed fonts. If you are using an unusual font, please supply the font and fax a visual. If this is not possible please post your artwork. If we do not have the font you are using, MSWord will show it in another font, if we don't have a visual we will not know if this is incorrect.

If you need any assistance please contact us and we will be pleased to help!

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